Torcetti recipe of delicious and crispy biscuits

Torcetti recipe of delicious and crispy biscuits

Torcetti recipe of delicious and crispy biscuits is something that right now is very popular on the web and there’s plenty of similar recipes. There’s who wants to put more butter, who choose to use different flours but the recipe, more or less, is the same. I want to give my personal recipe that was created from my grandma.
I remember when I used to see her cook, I never thought that, growing up, I would have her same passion for the kitchen and for everything that has to do with it.
This recipe is very similar to something that you can find on the Internet but my grandma used to put more sugar.
It is spectacular friends, try it and tell me.
Here below the recipe.

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  • DifficultyVery easy
  • CuisineItalian


8.80 ounces flour (00)
5.29 ounces butter
1/2 cup sugar
0.50 cups water
1 pinch salt
q.s. sugar ( (just to cover))
1 teaspoon brewer’s yeast


Planetary Mixers


Proceeds with the making of your torcetti recipe of delicious and crispy biscuits.

First thing to do is to melt the brewer’s yeast in the water (1) and leave it for sone minutes (my grandma used to said that you have to wait until you will have a white patina on the top of it).

Now you can decide if you want to work everything with the hands but if you have the planetary i would use it.

In the cup of the planetary add the sifted 00 flour (2) with the sugar (3) and then add the water with the melted brewer’s yeast (4).

When all will be mixed, continue to work with the hands on a work plane until you will have a ball of dough that will rest covered with film for at least one hour (5).

When the time will be over, put the dough in the planetary again but, this time, with the hook (6). Add some pieces of butter while the planetary start to work the dough at low speed (7).

When the butter will be absorted, let the dough rest for 60-80 minutes (it will be 2 times bigger).

Put in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Now, cut in slices of 15 cm the dough, twist every piece and unite the ends (9).

Pass it in the sugar and put them in a mold covered with baking paper (try to create a good distance between them because they’re going to be bigger). Cook it all at 356 degrees for 20 minutes or for the necessary time to have the right colour of your biscuits (10).

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