Pettole the original tarantina recipe

Pettole the original tarantina recipe

Well friends, today I will speak to you about one of the most ancient tradition of my beloved Taranto and I will give to you the infallible recipe of the real pettole, no potatoes, no milk, only flour, water and yeast, pettole original tarantina recipe.
Here, in this blog, you will find a lot of recipe of pettole, even the salted one like this pettole with salt recipe but let me say this recipe, that was created by my grandma, It really takes my in another time.
Those who lives in Taranto can understand me. We make pettole the day of Santa Cecilia and i, naturally, as a good food blogger, I’m giving to you this recipe before so you have the time to read it and apply it.
It’s important to study and never forget some recipes and traditions because it’s also part of the culture of someone and those things are passed down from mother to sons. I will talk to you about it my memories of the Santa Cecilia’s day when I was a child.
One morning different from the other, when you wake up in the morning and start to listen pastorali tarantine, but, most of it, you smell that perfume.
I remember my mother and my grand mother on that day and they both used to wake up at 5 in the morning just to cook pettole with love and i remember the sound of the slaps movement that they did on the pettole dough. That slaps was the most adorable one that I ever heard it.
From the kitchen, I used to watch them all the time and i was enchanted to see the amount of love that they used to make pettole and how they, once the dough was made it, used to put it in un cup covered with a canvas for many hours.
The wait was worth it and you started to see this in the exact moment when those little fried balls were ready.
10 in the morning and all the family was there to wait those marvellous balls with casual shapes and soft dough in the inside and crunchy from the outside.
Once they were out from the fried oil they were put in the sugar.

This is the recipe of the real pettole tarantine

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  • DifficultyVery easy
  • Preparation time20 Minutes
  • Rest time5 Hours
  • Cooking time5 Minutes
  • Serving20
  • Cooking methodFrying
  • CuisineItalian
  • SeasonalityChristmas


4 cups flour (00)
1/2 cup water (hot to melt the yeast)
2 cups water (mild climate)
1/2 oz yeast
1 spoon sugar (to activate the yeast)
1 spoon salt
33.8 ounces peanut oil
q.s. sugar (to insert inside the pettole)


1 Frying Pan


let’s take an high cup, in order to work well the compound, and pour it the flour.

pour it the 100 ml of hot water where we’ve already have melted the yeast.

pour it the spoon of sugar to activate the yeast.

start to work the compound with the hands

Add, little by little, the 400 ml of water.

Add the salt and continue to work the compound.

slap the compound with energy for 10 minutes with some movements that starts from the down till the top. When your pound will start to have some bubbles you can put it to rest.

you will have to get a pastella.

at this point, leave your dough in an airtight container, my mum and grandma used to cover it even with a canva and let it rise for 5 hours.
Sometimes my grandma used to make it all the evening before, with less yeast and the next day she will have just to fry it.

now you have the right consistency to fry.

put some water on a spoon and with it take a piece from your dough and let it slip the peanut oil.

pettole will start to grow and let it cook very well.

pettole have a very light-weight so it’s not so easy to turn them. Use a ladle to put on the top of it the oil so you will have a correct cooking from both sides.

once pettole will have a golden colour, drain them and put them in a cup with absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

This is the right consistency when you open the pettola

Immediately dip the breasts in sugar and eat them hot.

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