To answer the age-old debate about whether industrial hazelnut cream of any brand or “the” most famous hazelnut cream (NUTELLA) that we all know is better, today I will try to convince you that homemade is a completely different thing.

Of course, those of industrial origin are very good, delicious, inviting: but you want to put the satisfaction in preparing it with your hands.

Why will you love her?

1 – It is GENUINE and made exclusively with natural ingredients: toasted hazelnuts, milk, chocolate, a little seed oil and sugar.

2 – It contains NO preservatives or additives.

3 – It has a RAWER CONSISTENCY which in my opinion makes it even tastier because you can perceive the presence of HAZELNUTS.

4 – It is EASY and QUICK to prepare, just put hazelnuts and milk in the blender, transfer the mixture into a bowl, add the other ingredients and mix.

HOMEMADE NUTELLA is a unique delicacy to be enjoyed both at breakfast spread on toast, as a snack and as a filling for cakes, donuts or tarts.

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  • DifficultyVery easy
  • CostMedium
  • Preparation time5 Minutes
  • Serving12
  • Cooking methodNo cooking
  • CuisineItalian


150 g hazelnut (tosted)
225 ml milk
150 g dark chocolate
75 g gianduia chocolate
4 tablespoons sunflower oil
190 g icing sugar

139,21 Kcal
calories per serving
Info Close
  • Power 139,21 (Kcal)
  • Carbohydrates 11,74 (g) of which sugars 9,03 (g)
  • Proteins 2,05 (g)
  • Fat 9,85 (g) of which saturated 3,04 (g)of which unsaturated 6,36 (g)
  • Fibers 1,66 (g)
  • Sodium 2,06 (mg)

Indicative values for a portion of 30 g processed in an automated way starting from the nutritional information available on the CREA* and FoodData Central** databases. It is not food and / or nutritional advice.

* CREATES Food and Nutrition Research Center: https://www.crea.gov.it/alimenti-e-nutrizione https://www.alimentinutrizione.it ** U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. FoodData Central, 2019. https://fdc.nal.usda.gov



step 1

Place toasted hazelnuts in the blender glass together with hot milk and blend for at least 1 minute. Transfer mixture into a bowl. Add both types of chocolate previously melted in the microwave, vegetable oil and icing sugar and mix with a spatula to combine.

step 2

Pour HAZELNUT CREAM into a jar and leave to harden in the fridge for about 1 – 2 hours. Your HOMEMADE NUTELLA is ready to spread on bread, fill a cake or eat by the spoonful!


CONSISTENCY Don’t worry if it will initially be liquid, it needs at least one night to become thick. Furthermore, this spreadable cream, being homemade, will be grainier than the industrial one and will also depend on the type of blender you have. If you have a Thermomix that has this function, the Hazelnut Cream will be smoother and more velvety. In any case, whatever appliance you use, the taste doesn’t change, it’s just a difference in “texture”.

HAZELNUTS To make this recipe I used toasted hazelnuts.  You can also use normal hazelnuts which you will then have to toast in the oven for about 10 minutes at 100°. Once placed in the blender they will reduce into a paste. As already explained in the introduction, starting from whole hazelnuts the consistency will never be as smooth as industrial hazelnut creams. If you like a smoother consistency, replace the hazelnuts with the same quantity of pure HAZELNUT PASTE that you can find in specialized stores or online.

CHOCOLATE: I used a 55% dark chocolate and a gianduia chocolate because I prefer a hazelnut cream that is not too bitter. If you prefer it less sweet, you can replace the dark chocolate with a percentage of 75% and the gianduia chocolate with milk chocolate.

SUGAR: Since it is essentially a “cold” preparation, I preferred to use icing sugar and not granulated sugar which would struggle to dissolve and would remain in crystals. You can try using sugar syrup to avoid having any traces of it in the cream, but it would increase the final liquidity.

SEED OIL Industrial preparations are so velvety because they are prepared with pure hazelnut paste which is very oily. In this preparation which instead starts with whole toasted hazelnuts it is therefore essential to add a part of seed oil. If you prefer, you can replace it with cold-extracted rice oil which is light and tasteless.


This hazelnut cream, being homemade without preservatives or stabilizers, must absolutely be stored in the refrigerator in a jar. It can last up to 10 days.

Once the cream has set, it may coagulate into lumps or harden. Don’t worry, it’s normal: heat the oven slightly, then turn it off and place the jar of cream inside. In a few minutes you will see that it will be smooth again and without lumps

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