Sicilian biancomangiare

Sicilian biancomangiare (or blancmange) is a fresh and fragrant Italian dessert, a very simple traditional Sicilian recipe, which is prepared in a few minutes and with ingredients that we generally always have in the fridge. Dessert of ancient and humble origins, the Sicilian blancomangiare is essentially a milk pudding, which is prepared without eggs and without gelatine: in fact, to thicken the blancmange, corn starch or wheat starch is sufficient. More recently, the custom of preparing blancmange with almond milk in the same quantities has spread, creating an equally delicious dessert.

Once cold, Sicilian blancmange it may look similar to panna cotta, but actually it has a softer and less gelatinous consistency. Sicilian blancmange has a delicate flavor of milk and vanilla and is often served with a pinch of cinnamon, which enhances its taste; alternatively you can use chocolate curls, chopped pistachios or flaked almonds. Whether you prepare it with regular milk or with almond milk, Sicilian biancomangiare is a fresh dessert that can be eaten pleasantly in every season.
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  • DifficultyVery easy
  • CostVery cheap
  • Preparation time2 Minutes
  • Rest time4 Hours
  • Cooking time15 Minutes
  • Serving4 servings
  • Cooking methodStove
  • CuisineItalian regional
  • SeasonalityEvergreen
  • RegionSicilia

Ingredients for 4 single portions of blancmange

For Sicilian biancomangiare

2 cups milk (473 ml)
1/2 cup sugar (100 g – 3,5 oz; the amount may vary according to taste)
5 tablespoons cornstarch (47 g – 1,6 oz)
1 lemon (zest only, cut into large chunks)
1 pod vanilla

To garnish the dessert

q.s. almonds (flaked; or chocolate curls)
q.s. cinnamon powder (or funfetti)


1 Saucepan
1 Glass
1 Tablespoon
4 Molds

How to prepare Sicilian biancomangiare

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To prepare the Sicilian blancmange, start by putting 1 1/2 cups (about 350 ml) of milk in a thick-bottomed saucepan, together with the sugar, the baniglia berry (or vanillin) and the lemon zest, taken from the fruit in one or two pieces

When doing this, be careful not to damage the white part which would give a bitter aftertaste to the dessert. Place the saucepan on a gentle heat and bring it to a boil.

In the meantime, dissolve the cornstarch in the remaining cold milk (1/2 cup – about 120 ml), stirring with a teaspoon until it has completely dissolved.

dissolve the cornstarch in the milk to make the Italian blancmange

When the milk boils, pour the milk in which you dissolved the cornstarch into the saucepan and start mixing, Remove the vanilla pod and the lemon zest.

Cook the Sicilian biancomangiare over low heat for 4-5 minutes, stirring constantly so that no lumps are formed. When the mixture has thickened, taking on the appearance of a béchamel sauce, turn off the heat.

cook the blancmange on the stove until it thickens

Divide it into 4 crème caramel molds which you will first let cool at room temperature, then in the refrigerator for at least 3-4 hours. When the blancmange has hardened sufficiently, turn the molds upside down on the serving plate and gently unmold them. If you use disposable molds you can cut them.

Decorate each pudding with sprinkles, a pinch of ground cinnamon and flaked almonds. Serve the Sicilian biancomangiare immediately.

en_v_ sicilian biancomangiare blancamnge italian milk dessert or almond dessert spoon pudding italian recipe

How to store the blancmange

Sicilian biancomangiare can be kept in the refrigerator for 2 or 3 days.

Tips and variations

The amount of sugar can vary slightly according to taste: with 1/2 cup provided for in the recipe, a fairly sweet dessert is obtained, I often limit myself to 1/3 cup.
Sicilian blancmange can also be prepared with almond milk in the same quantities as cow’s milk and following the same recipe.

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