Blueberry Cupcakes with milk and cream

BLUBERRY CUPCAKES WITH MILK AND CREAM quick and easy, it really only takes a few minutes to make these cakes, you only need a bowl and a spoon, and you can make them all week long. A delicious idea for family breakfast or a quick brunch, also perfect for an afternoon snack.

They are so moist and delicious, you will love these easy blueberry cupcakes. You can leave them as is or decorate them with a cheesy frosting. They are wonderful on their own, but you can also serve them with a side of bacon or sausage.

By doubling the amount of batter, you can make one cake, just put the mixture in a pound cake mold or cake pan and serve them on the table with lots of powdered sugar!
This cupcakes recipe is beautiful, this is due to the bright color of fresh blueberries a reason why you must make these Homemade Blueberry Cupcakes !


Blueberry Cupcakes with milk

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  • DifficultyVery easy
  • CostCheap
  • Preparation time5 Minutes
  • Cooking time25 Minutes
  • Serving8
  • Cooking methodOven
  • CuisineItalian


160 g flour
2 eggs
100 g sugar
60 g unsalted butter
50 ml double cream
50 ml milk
1/2 lemon zest
1/2 sachet baking powder
100 g blueberry

Blueberry Cupcakes with milk and cream


Blueberry Cupcakes with cream

1– In a mixer pour the whole eggs, with sugar, milk and cream: blend well until you get a homogeneous cream.

2- In a second bowl mix the flour, baking powder and 1/2 lemon zest.

3– Then pour the flour and baking powder into the liquid mixture and mix well. Add blueberry halves to the mixture and stir gently.

4-Cover a cupcakes mold with paper cups and pour the mixture up to 3/4 of the height. Place the remaining blueberries on top of each cupcake.

5-Bake the cupcakes at 170° for about 20 minutes. Leave in the oven for 10 minutes off bake and serve at the table … Enjoy!

Blueberry Cupcakes with milk  recepes

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