Iced coffee soufflé

Iced coffee soufflé is an irresistible dessert to be prepared with a few ingredients, eggs, sugar, cream and instant coffee. The soufflé glacé is a parfait based on Italian meringue, patè à bombe, cream and a flavor for flavoring of your choice which in this case can be chocolate, fruit but also liqueurs. This parfait is prepared in a short time, can be stored in the freezer and can be enjoyed immediately without waiting times.


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For Italian meringue

1 tablespoon water (30 g)
2 tablespoons egg whites (30 g)
3 ounces sugar (90 g)
2 ounces sugar (60 g)

For pate à bombe

5 teaspoons water (25 g)
1.41 ounces yolks (40 g)
2.64 ounces sugar (75 g)

For finishing

8 ounces whipping cream (225 g)
2 teaspoons coffee powder


3 Bowls
2 Pans
1 Whip
6 Molds


For Italian meringue

Cook 90 g of sugar with water at 249°F (121 ° C). Pour the egg white into a bowl or planetary mixer.

When the syrup is at 230°F(110 ° C), start working the remaining sugar and the egg white at low speed. As soon as the egg white begins to foam, pour the syrup slowly, continuing to whisk until cool.

The meringue is ready when, raising the whips, it remains suspended without falling.

For pate à bombe

In a saucepan, pour the water and sugar, and bring to 249°F (121 ° C). Meanwhile, pour the egg yolks into a bowl and start whipping. Pour in the sugar syrup and continue whipping until cool. The cream will be thick and fluffy

For finishing

Add the instant coffee to the pate à bombe and mix gently with a spatula. Aside, whip the cream well cold and add it to the pate à bombe, always mixing with a spatula from bottom to top, then add the Italian meringue as well. Line 6 molds with parchment paper or PVC sheets. Pour the mixture over the mold and freeze immediately for at least 6 hours. Before serving, decorate with a coffee bean. It should be served fresh out of the freezer.

Cooks’ tips

In this dessert the eggs are pasteurized and completely safe. but if you want to be more relaxed you can use the already pasteurized eggs and skip the syrup procedure by whipping them directly with the sugar listed in the recipe and eliminating the water.

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iced coffee souffle

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