Citrus ricotta tart

Citrus ricotta tart is a dessert for many occasions, for Christmas, for an afternoon tea, even for breakfast. Citrus ricotta tart is a creamy and tasty dessert. The ricotta cream is flavored with the zest and juice of citrus fruits, lemons and oranges

citrus ricotta tart

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  • DifficultyEasy
  • CostMedium
  • Preparation time1 Hour
  • Rest time30 Minutes
  • Cooking time45 Minutes
  • Serving8-10
  • Cooking methodOven
  • CuisineItalian


For shortcrust pastry

21/4 cups flour
3/4 cup sugar
3 yolks
3/4 cup unsalted butter
1 egg
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 lemon (zest)

For ricotta cream with citrus fruits

3 cups ricotta cheese
2 eggs
1 orange (zest and juice)
2 lemon (zest and juice)
1 vanilla bean


1 Planetary Mixer
1 Baking Tray
1 Bowl
1 Whip


For the shortcrust pastry, put the flour in the mixer bowl, add the butter into small pieces and start the machine with the leaf. Let it work for a few minutes. Add the sugar, a pinch of salt, lemon zest and baking powder, and continue to work. Finally, pour in the egg, the yolks and knead everything quickly. Form a loaf, wrap it in plastic wrap and place it in the fridge for at least half an hour before using it. Shortcrust pastry can also be made with a food processor. While the pastry rests, prepare the ricotta cream. Mix the ricotta with a whisk. Combine the sugar, eggs, aromas and citrus juice with the ricotta and mix well. Roll out the shortcrust pastry to a thickness of 1/2 cm. Line an 8.66 “(22 cm) cake pan. Pour the mixture into the pan and bake at 350 ° F (180 ° C) in the preheated oven. Cook for 45 minutes. Leave to cool in the mold. Gently unmold and sprinkle with icing sugar.

citrus ricotta tart

Cook’s tips

To work better, it is important to let the shortcrust pastry rest for at least 30 minutes in the fridge but if you left it overnight it is better

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citrus ricotta tart

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