Prosecco and orange cocktail

Prosecco and orange cocktail is an alternative to classic vodka and gin based cocktails, easy to prepare even if you are not a barman.

You can serve this drink before starting your Valentine’s Day lunch or dinner, you can accompany it with canapes, with Chard and tuna rolls, or with beetroot sandwiches buttered with lactose-free butter or with tomato chutney.

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Prosecco and orange cocktail
Prosecco and orange cocktail
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16.907 ounces prosecco (500 ml)
4.2 orange juice (about 125 ml)
1/3 cup dark chocolate
2 strawberries
Some slice orange

For the heart shaped ice:

q.s. water
q.s. alchermes (or other red food coloring)


Preparation of Prosecco and orange cocktail:

Cocktail with prosecco and orange

Make heart shaped ice cubes the day before. Pour a little alchermes or dye into the bottom of the molds, put less in some, so as to obtain a different chromatic scale. Pour the water into the molds and leave some without dye. Put everything in the freezer for at least 10 hours.

​​Squeeze the oranges until you get 1/2 cup of orange juice, or use the fresh orange juice that is sold in the brick.

Combine the Prosecco in the orange juice and mix with a bar spoon.

Melt the chocolate in a clean saucepan with a saucepan with water under it (the water must not touch the saucepan).


Take the glasses and dip the edges in the warm melted chocolate. Turn the glasses upside down and let them drain. If the chocolate is low in cocoa butter, it is more difficult to melt and drain, so help yourself with a teaspoon.

Put the ice in the two large glasses, pour the drink with the help of a funnel, decorate with a strawberry and orange slices, serve immediately.

Variant for Prosecco and orange cocktail:

Instead of Prosecco you can use a white wine or sparkling wine or Champagne.

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