About us

We are Evie and Mitty, two Italian girls with passions for cooking, art, music and trips, who met by chance.

I introduce myself. I am Evie, my name Eva Francesca is in memory of my aunt died at only 7 years, and of my uncle Francesco, but I love the English name for several reasons. I live in Chieti in Abruzzo, in the centre of Italy, historically southern. I am originally from Pescara, a city that was the birthplace of Gabriele d’Annunzio, and that is located by the sea.

As a girl I attended art high school in Chieti, immediately after high school I took a bachelor’s degree in industrial design, with a thesis in food design, where I designed a concept for a multifunctional cutlery. Then I decided to attend courses specializing in graphics and work precisely in the field of graphics and later furniture.

After a year since the financial crisis of 2008 I decided to undertake masterly studies, but I enrolled only in 2010. In that period I searched inside myself, to understand what I wanted to do in the future and in the meantime I was for 3 years teaching tutor (including a year after graduation), where I realized that I loved teaching and communication.

In 2013, with the master’s degree in Design in Ascoli Piceno at the University of Camerino (in Marche, Italian region) I concluded my university career, with a thesis in food design with the presentation of a book, from graphics to photography.

But where does this passion come from? During my university studies in 2010 I opened a blog of cooking as a joke, called “In cucina da Eva”, where I talked about Abruzzo cuisine and I experimented with every possible recipe. Since then, together with the passion for design and graphics, I started to undertake a post-graduate study, as Social Media Manager, Web content editor exclusively for Italy and as a food photographer, and I continue to update myself continuously, and in the meantime I start to create my own real work.

Since then I have always participated in events and competitions and carried out cooking courses for children and adults in Chieti, through the cultural association Thearte of which I was a founding member. In 2018 I participated as a micro influencer at the Summer Festival event in Pescara.

I met Mitty last year and she was immediately in tune, a friend like no other, sweet, understanding, and who listens a lot, and above all, she is competent in everything she does. So I proposed to her to start two projects with me, one is this, the other one who knows, meanwhile we start with the kitchen in the world and as you see, with recipes without lactose or without milk, to meet people who have allergy to milk.

This choice is not random, I am lactose intolerant, I discovered it in 2015 after years of headaches, stomach pain, stomach pain, nausea, and I will stop here, because I will introduce the topic in a future article. Lactose intolerant are also my mother and Mitty’s sister, so what to say, we needed a portal dedicated to this pathology seen from the side of those who live. Besides, it’s a good experience for me, because I haven’t spoken English in many years, so I’ll go over it with my friend who is very good and helps me study and improve.

But who is Mitty? Let’s ask her about it.
I introduce myself: I am Mitty, my real name is Maria Teresa, in honor of my two grandmothers (Maria and Teresa). At the age of 8 I began to study piano, and at this time in my life I am seriously considering going back to study it, because it is my greatest passion. I’m also interested in art in general, about which I tried to initially attend the Faculty of Letters with address Cultural Heritage in my city, but it did not correspond exactly to what I wanted to do, so I left alone and went to Milan, where I started a course in Cultural Heritage Sciences, which I never finished. Back in Chieti I had other experiences, I did Volunteering at the FAI and in the Municipality in Chieti, where we founded a new Pro Loco and where I was involved in some cultural initiatives. Then I started to work as Promoter of telephony, where I was offered a permanent contract, and after with the Covid it got a bit complicated. From there I decided that I could no longer continue that type of work and I subsequently began another very formative experience as an Inbound Agent for Customer Care in Aruba.

Currently I occasionally do the job of hostess, but recently I attend a course of English for the certification B2, the English has always passionate me, initially it was my interest to begin these studies when I finished the high school.
In 2019 I met Eva, I immediately found myself in tune with her, and I always thought she was a smart girl, with important experiences, as well as an exorbitant sweetness. Recently we deepened our friendship, we were close to each other, about for example we also faced a diet path both at the same time.

I met Eva and her passions, she too is very sensitive and approaches the arts in general, and recently she asked me to help her in a new project. Fresh from English studies I decided to accept.
For me it will be a precious experience, interesting and pleasant, I am pleased to help and live a new experience.