Blueberry soft heart without cooking

Blueberry soft heart without cooking

An easy and fast idea for Valentine’s Day?

Try this blueberry soft heart without cooking. I can assure you that you better half will love it.

Those super sweets, super tasty and without the need of cooking jt, will be perfect to eat with your better half.

The colour is a mix of the blueberry and the red fruits marmelade, but if you want to have a stronger color you can also use it a drop of red food coloring.

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1 cup mascarpone
1 jar yogurt ((walnut or natural))
1 cup blueberries
2 tablespoons wild berry jam
3 sheets gelatine
1 cup dry biscuit
10 meringues



. First thing to do is to put the gelatin sheets in a cup of water for 10 minutes.

In the immersion robot put the mascarpone cheese.

Then the walnuts or white yogurt and

the blueberries that you have already washed and dry it.

Make a cream with all of it.

Add the red fruits marmelade

You will have a light color.
And, if you will need it to have a brighter colour, put a drop of red food coloring.

Squeeze the jelly sheets and melt it with the 4 spoons of hot milk.

Pour it in a mug.

Make a powder with the biscuits and add it at the compound.

Create some balls with the dough

Make also a powder with the meringues.

Pass the balls in the meringues powder.

With the finger press lightly the and with a mold of heart shape, create some hearts.

Let it rest it in the fridge for 1 hour and serve it your blueberry soft heart without cooking.

Blueberry soft heart without cooking

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