Italian ALMOND COOKIES recipe

Italian ALMOND COOKIES recipe

Italian ALMOND COOKIES recipe

Today we will cook Italian ALMOND COOKIES

These delectable almond cookies are made with just a few ingredients. Though they’re typically Sicilian, similar versions are found all over Italy. A bit like macaroons, they are crisp on the outside, with a perfumed chewy interior.

I’m sure they will win you over especially if you have little time available and you love almond desserts because they are very easy and can be prepared in just 10 minutes.

You will not need kneading machines, or rolling pin, or special molds, just mix everything with a fork or even with your hands and within 2 minutes you can bake them.

They can be decorated with whole almonds or candied fruit or turned into fingerprint cookies, stuffed with a spoonful of good jam.

Extremely fragrant, similar to Sicilian almond paste cakes but with less sugar.

Ideal for a snack, tea time, a cuddle at the end of a meal or a coffee cake, these soft italian almond cookies will certainly be able to bring a ray of sunshine on these cold winter afternoons.

Ideal to bake in advance, these cookies keep well for several days, ready to serve in no time.
I forgot… .. few ingredients and completely gluten-free for these fantastic cookies to offer to everyone!

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  • DifficultyVery easy
  • CostCheap
  • Preparation time15 Minutes
  • Cooking time25 Minutes
  • Serving24 COOKIES
  • CuisineItalian


almond (1 2/3 cup Whole peeled almonds 250 g)
sugar (1 2/3 cup Sugar 250 g)
egg (2 eggs white (about 2 medium) 70 g)
almond extract (½ tsp almond extract)
lemon zest (Zest of 1 lemon)
sugar (Confectioners sugar for dusting)
amarena cherry syrup (Amarena cherries or whole unblanched almonds, for garnish )


Food processor
2 Bowls
1 Wire



Put half the almonds and half the sugar in a food processor to make a coarse flour. Repeat with the remaining almonds and sugar.

In a bowl put egg whites, almond extract and zest and beat until soft peaks form, using a wire whisk. Add the almond and sugar mixture and incorporate with a rubber spatula, until a pasty consistency is obtained.


Create 24 balls weighing approximately 1/2 ounce / 20 grams using a spoon or small ice cream scoop.

Roll each to form smooth balls, then flatten slightly. Puree into a bowl with powdered sugar to coat, then place 1 inch apart on a lined baking sheet.


Use the ends of a wooden spoon to make small, round dents in each cookie. Fill the bruises with whole unsweetened almonds or sour cherries.
Alternatively, leave cookies with a smooth top. Let pan with biscuits rest at room temperature for 1 hour before baking.


Bake in the oven at 350 F for about 25/30 minutes.

They must have a slight browning. Cool cookies on a wire rack before eating.


Store in airtight container for up to 1 week.STORAGE

Italian almond cookies can be stored at room temperature for about a week, inside a food bag or an airtight biscuit box. Freezing is not recommended.


For this recipe, I prefer the flavor and texture of freshly ground almonds. (The almonds are ground with granulated sugar to keep them from turning into almond butter.).

Blanched almonds are easily found, or you may blanch your own almonds and slip off the skins. Or you could grind blanched slivered almonds. If desired, you should get good results using an equal weight of almond flour.

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