CHOCOLATE Mousse EASY recipe

CHOCOLATE Mousse EASY recipe

If you want a creamy and greedy dessert ready in a few minutes you are in the right place.

CHOCOLATE Mousse is a very simple recipe to prepare, without eggs, with only 4 ingredients, which is prepared in less than 30 minutes.

CHOCOLATE mousse is perfect for a snack or as a dessert at the end of dinner.

They only serve double cream, dark chocolate, very little sugar and milk, there are NO EGGS.

I have never been satisfied with the various chocolate mousse recipes I have tried in my life.

Or following the recipe I obtained a chocolate mousse that was not soft enough, not chocolatey enough or too sweet.

Now I have finally found a chocolate mousse recipe that could be the ultimate solution: rich, creamy and fluffy.

A chocolate mousse that always leaves me wanting more: an intense chocolate flavor and a nice creamy mouthfeel.

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  • DifficultyVery easy
  • CostVery cheap
  • Preparation time15 Minutes
  • Cooking time8 Minutes
  • Serving4
  • CuisineItalian


double cream (1 1/2 cup about 350 ml)
dark chocolate (7 ounces about 200 g)
icing sugar (1 tbs about 30 g)
milk (2,7 ounces about 80 ml)




Put the milk and sugar in a small saucepan and heat until just before boiling.

Turn off the stove and add chopped chocolate.

Turn with a spoon until the chocolate is completely melted.


Whip cream with an electric mixer until it reaches a very firm consistency and set aside.

When the milk and chocolate have cooled, add the cream gently so as not to dismantle the mixture.

The chocolate mousse is ready.


Transfer the chocolate mousse into single-portion glasses or into a serving bowl.

Leave to cool in the refrigerator for about 1 hour.


The chocolate mousse can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 days.


The key to this recipe is to use the very best dark chocolate you can find.

You can also use the microwave to melt the chocolate. In this case, put the milk in a microwave-safe bowl and heat for about 2 minutes at 650 watts.

Remove from the microwave, add sugar and mix.

Add the chopped chocolate and keep stirring to melt completely.

If you prefer a sweeter taste you can use milk chocolate. In this case, do not put sugar.

You can serve the chocolate mousse by chopping pistachios, toasted hazelnuts or white chocolate on top.

Before adding the cream, the milk and melted chocolate must be completely cold.


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